Emergency Preparedness Drills Every Prepper Needs To Do To Get Ready For SHTF

The best way to prepare for any disaster or emergency is to rehearse. The Army does rehearsals all the time for combat missions. If you want to be a “Doomsday Prepper” or even if you just want to be prepared to ensure your family is safe when some catastrophe strikes, the best thing to do is rehearse likely scenarios.

A rehearsal, or a “dry run” will teach you exactly what you need to focus on to be totally prepared when the real emergency strikes. Let’s take a look at two scenarios that every prepper should rehearse in order to learn where they have weaknesses in their prepping plans.

Weekend Without Power

One Friday after work, go to your circuit breaker panel and turn off all the electricity in your house and commit to staying without power until Monday morning. This will be a great dry run for when it happens for real.

Doing this drill may help you to realize that even though you have a gas stove, it requires electricity for the burners to light, so having matches or a lighter is a must-have for power outages.

Obviously there are many other things you will discover in your weekend without power, but if you really want to make it valuable, shut off the water too.

Walk Home From Work

What if an EMP or solar flare took out the power grid and electrical circuits like those in your car? Or what if the power grid went down and gas stations were unable to pump gas just when you realized your fuel tank was on empty? Considering how much time we spend at work every week, this is the most likely place we’ll be if we’re not at home when something happens.

This drill will help you to see how you will get home on foot. Not only whether or not you are in good enough shape to walk home in a single day, but what route you should take, what you should take with you, and whether you even have a “get home bag” backpack in your trunk.